Camel Battle 2 Targets Muslim Brotherhood Outside Itehadia Presidential Palace

With feverish media cover, and so-called liberal political leaders aiding and abetting anti-Morsi mercenaries, a second ‘Camel Battle’ claimed the lives of 9 unarmed Muslim Brotherhood youths out to peacefully

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Martyrs, Patriotic Youth Defending Democratic Transformation

Instigators of violence are no patriotic revolutionaries, just paid thugs and criminals, heavily armed with guns and rifles, bladed weapons and Molotov cocktails, out to wreak havoc and paint a

President Morsi Abolishes Government Decision to Raise Taxes on Certain Goods and Services

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi cancels a government decision to raise taxes on a selection of goods and services, vowing to first conduct a societal dialogue on the matter.

Mahmoud Hussein: Calls to Block Referendum Process is Plain Political Bankruptcy

Dialogue between Egyptian Presidency and opposition forces – stubbornly boycotted by certain parties – shows in no ambiguous terms who genuinely wants democracy, stability and progress for the homeland and

Islamists Organize Two Peaceful Million-Man Marches and Rallies to Support Legitimacy in Egypt

The Egyptian ‘Board of Trustees of The Revolution’, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist parties and movements take to liberation squares across Egypt Tuesday in a powerful show of support