Egypt Brotherhood Urgently Condemns Assad Use of Deadly Poisonous Gas Against Syrians

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood issues a strong statement denouncing Bashar Assad’s reported use of non-conventional murderous gas bombs against revolutionaries in Syria.

Freedom and Justice Party: Constitution Approval Opportunity for Dialogue and Unity

Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, express hope that popular endorsement of Egypt’s new Constitution will open new horizons of sensible and real dialogue as well as

Erian: FJP Seeks to Rebuild Egypt’s Democratic Institutions

Affirming that almost no constitutions won more than Egypt’s 64% approval, Freedom and Justice Party leader Erian tells Egyptians it is now time to roll up their sleeves and work

Great Partisan, Community Diversity in Appointed Shura Council Membership by Presidential Edict

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi makes judicious use of his constitutional prerogatives in appointing 90 members for the 270-strong Shura Council to take over legislative power from him until a new