Heshmat: FJP Calls for Dialogue, National Harmony for Real Democratic Transformation

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, reiterates its belief that real renaissance and democratic change will happen only through national accord and dialogue.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Constitutional Referendum Second Phase Results

The Freedom and Justice Party congratulates all Egyptians on 64% ‘Yes’ initial overall results in the country’s referendum on new national charter, where only 36% seem to have said ‘No’

Egypt President Decree to Appoint One-Third of 270-Member Shura Council

President Morsi issues a Decree to approve 90 nominees for membership of Shura Council – the upper chamber of Egyptian Parliament – including 12 Coptic Christians, and a total of

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie Clarification and Warning to Deceptive Media

Egypt Brotherhood leader Badie refutes deliberate media misinterpretations of his Thursday statement about the history of Egypt, its people and its leadership, and warns media professionals to commit to truth.

Constitutional Scholar Bashri: I Will Vote Yes to New National Charter

Notwithstanding any criticisms he may have, Egyptian constitutional professor Bashri affirms he will be voting ‘Yes’ for the country’s new constitution on Saturday.

Gazzar: Constitutional Referendum Integrity Guaranteed

Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party leader Gazzar reiterates that vote fraud in ongoing popular referendum on the country’s new national charter is impossible, with millions turning out to positively participate

Itehadia Incident Martyr Family Calls for National Reconciliation, Harmony

Itehadia Presidential Palace Martyr Mohamed Al-Husseini’s family insists on freedom and dignity for Egypt and all Egyptians, even if more sacrifices need to be made by legitimacy supporters.

Itehadia Martyrs and Victims Conference: Unarmed Brotherhood Youth Defended Democracy

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood youth went to Itehadia Presidential Palace to defend legitimate President and government; but were ambushed by thugs wielding knives, guns, rifles, teargas and fire bombs.

From Bad Cop to Good Cop: The Challenge of Security Sector Reform in Egypt

After decades of abuse under the old regime, how can the civilian government of President Mohamed Morsi turn Egypt’s security apparatus into one befitting a new democracy? What are the

Between Interference and Assistance: The Politics of International Support in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya

Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have all held relatively successful elections, ushering in parliaments and governments with popular mandates.