Egypt Junta Arrest Beltagy Son to Force Hunger Strike End

Dr. Beltagy’s son, Anas, is arrested by coup forces on the usual trumped up charges, to force his father to end his hunger strike, now in its eleventh day.

Egypt Anti-Coup National Alliance Urges Gradual General-Strike to Overthrow Junta

As the students’ strikes succeed in shaking the corners of the coup regime, the coalition of parties, movements and groups defending democracy in Egypt calls for a gradual, decisive nation-wide

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Hails Revolutionary Boycott of Junta Charter Farcical Vote

Egypt’s pro-legitimacy coalition urges complete boycott of the junta’s sham constitution referendum scheduled to be held on January 14, 2014.

Muslim Brotherhood Secretary-General Mahmoud Hussein Calls for Unity, Cooperation

Brotherhood leader Mahmoud Hussein urges all loyal patriotic Egyptians to close ranks and unite in preparation for post-coup essential work.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Anshas Bombing Incident Sunday

The Muslim Brotherhood issues a statement in which it denounces a bombing near an army intelligence facility north of Cairo injuring four soldiers.

Detained Muslim Brotherhood Leader Beltagy Refuses Hunger Strike Halt

Dr. Beltagy rejects instruction by a coup preacher to stop his hunger strike protesting solitary confinement, inhuman conditions and ill-treatment in detention.

Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Arrest of Al Jazeera English Journalists in Cairo

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the arrest of three Aljazeera English journalists today under ludicrous charges of being part of a "Muslim Brotherhood cell".

Students and Women Against the Coup Live Major Catastrophe in Egypt

Anti-Coup women and girls in Egypt say they suffer unspeakable violations, tremendous hardship and injustice at the hands of junta authorities.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Coup Forces Brutally Assaulting, Harassing Women

The junta generals are doing their worst to spark civil war in Egypt, beating and harassing girls and women in public in order to provoke violent responses and reactions.

Muslim Brotherhood: Media Predictions of Terrorist Acts

It is a sign of the times that a non-violent organization feels obliged to deny involvement in violent crimes reported by hostile pro-military media even before they actually occur.