Muslim Brotherhood Presser Wednesday: Coalition, Coordination Possible in Upcoming Elections

As Egypt gears up for celebration of the second anniversary of the January 25 revolution, the Brotherhood seeks to raise the morale of all Egyptians by organizing many societal service

Muslim Brotherhood Invites All to Join Service Campaign Celebrating Revolution Anniversary

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood urges all parties, groups and movements to take part in its intended service-campaign celebration to mark second anniversary of the January 25 revolution.

Katatni Calls for Greater Participation by Opposition Parties in Ongoing National Dialogue

Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni urges all opposition parties to join national dialogue sessions currently underway and to participate positively in debates of differences over the new national charter.

Freedom and Justice Party Demands Accountability for Negligence in Building Collapse Accident

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, demands accountability investigations into fatal collapse of a residential building in Alexandria.