Mahmoud Ghozlan: Muslim Brotherhood Did Not Call for Demonstration Wednesday

As private print and broadcast media in Egypt actively circulate false rumors about the Brotherhood calling for rallies across the country’s provinces, Ghozlan announces the group’s Together We Build Egypt

‘Healthy Vision for All’ Serious Step for Freedom and Justice Party on Road to Positive

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP takes a firm step forward on its planned road to active service of all Egyptian society, helping to solve health, housing and other essential issues.

Arif: Egypt Embraces All, With Tolerance and Vision

Muslim Brotherhood assures that Egypt is for all Egyptians, and that the Brotherhood’s strategy aims to protect the revolution and to complete institution-building.

Alexandria Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Violence As Lawyers Continue Action for Revolution Martyrs

Muslim Brotherhood in Alexandria has strongly denounced violence of recent events, assuring that Brotherhood lawyers will continue the legal battle for retribution, for the martyrs of the revolution.

Muslim Brotherhood Presser Launches ‘Together We Build Egypt’ Campaign Tuesday

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood holds an international press conference Tuesday to launch its campaign 'Together we build Egypt' to celebrate the second anniversary of the January 25 revolution.