Freedom and Justice Party Hopes Egypt Top International Tourist Destinations

The Muslim Brotherhood launches domestic tourism trips to historical Luxor in upper Egypt, among efforts coordinated with the group’s political arm, the FJP, to help the country take its rightful

Presidency Determined to Continue National Dialogue

Egyptian Presidency reaffirms that right of peaceful expression is guaranteed for everyone on the second anniversary of January 25 Revolution.

Freedom and Justice Party Improves Bread Quality and Quantity in Cairo, Provinces

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, solves bread problems in a number of Cairo districts, and works for similar results in other parts of Cairo and various provinces, with

Katatni: Arab Spring Revolutions Very Different from Iranian Revolution

Contradicting recent Iranian media reports, the Freedom and Justice Party chief Katatni reaffirms that he did not meet with Ali Larijani in the Sudan.

Muslim Brotherhood to Ultras: We Will Never Compromise Martyr Rights

The Muslim Brotherhood says it will never give up martyr rights, and will persistently claim those until justice is achieved and retribution is exacted on those who killed unarmed demonstrators.

Muslim Brotherhood Launches ‘Together We Build Egypt’ Campaign Tuesday

The Freedom and Justice Party and The Brotherhood ‘Together We Build Egypt’ Campaign kicks off with healthcare service for a million patients, restoration and beautification of 2,000 public schools, hundreds