Helmi Al-Gazzar: ElBaradei Remarks Call for More Violence and Chaos

The National Salvation Front’s coordinator ElBaradei gives government ultimatum: either form a new Cabinet, to include a number of opposition figures like himself, or face continued violence and vandalism.

Murad Ali: National Salvation Front Responsible for Providing Political Cover for Violence

FJP spokesman Ali is baffled at the National Salvation Front, which signed Al-Azhar dialogue with all Egypt’s political parties, pledging not to use violence, and then threatened continued violence just

Ahmed Arif: Ongoing Violence Challenges Egypt’s Peaceful Revolution

ElBaradei, leader of the NSF, Egypt’s broad coalition of diverse and conflicting political forces, shows his hand, as he threatens continued violence, if a new Cabinet is not formed –

Hussein Ibrahim: National Salvation Front Responsible for Violence

It was certainly a sign of things to come when the NSF coalition of disparate opposition elements failed to call off its Friday ‘peaceful’ protests, even after its leaders signed