Press Statement from Ennahdha Head Rached Ghannouchi’s Office

Following the despicable crime against the leader of the Patriotic Democrats, the late Chokri Belaid, may God have mercy on his soul, some rushed to accuse Ennahdha Party and its

Presidency Condemns Political Violence and Edicts Legalizing Killing of Opponents

Egyptian presidency stresses that dialogue is the only way to complete the path and achieve remaining objectives of the peaceful January 25 Revolution.

Erian: Opposition Must Accept Democracy, Compete in Elections, Earn People’s Trust

Egypt opposition forces can change the president, the cabinet and the constitution, if only they work through democratic process, through the ballot box.

Murad Ali: National Salvation Front Bears Responsibility for Demonstrations Violence

Desperately seeking to seize power despite failing at the ballot-box, Egypt opposition parties call daily protests that invariably devolve into mindless violence, vandalism and lawlessness.

Farid Ismail: National Salvation Front Uses Political Violence, Extortion to Impose Own Agenda

The NSF holds Egypt hostage with increasingly violent demonstrations, vandalism and destruction to achieve its leaders’ personal purposes and dubious agendas.

Azza Al-Garf: Brotherhood Condemns Tahrir Sexual Harassment, Respects Role of Women

Freedom and Justice Party leader Dr. Al-Garf rejects as utterly ludicrous claims made in certain print and broadcast media accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of inciting sexual harassment.

Journalism Reform Movements Hold NSF Responsible for Violence Against Media Professionals

Following the latest attacks by thugs in Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square on TV professionals covering Friday protest events, journalist movements condemn such repeated violent acts by demonstrators responding to NSF