Tunisia: Joint Statement by CPR, Wafa, Ennahdha, Freedom & Dignity Group

Today, 13 February 2013, representatives of the following parties and assembly groups:

Erian: People Sovereignty Does Not Conflict with Islamic Law

Although some Muslim figures hold that ‘People are the source of authority’ – as a principle – is actually a blasphemy, the Freedom and Justice Party deputy leader Erian assures

Brotherhood Condemns Media Persistence in Fabricating Fables to Tarnish its Image

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood denounces use of fake witnesses by private satellite TV stations to vilify the group, something they used to do for long decades – with little to show

Freedom and Justice Party Cairo Secretariat Elections First of March 2013

FJP leader Beltagy leaves his secretariat position up for grabs in elections to be held on the first of March at the party’s headquarters in the Egyptian capital.