Freedom and Justice Party Will Not Be Dragged Into Violence; Seeking Genuine Dialogue

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, rejects as both unpatriotic and undemocratic desperate efforts to disrupt forthcoming parliamentary elections, now an evident pre-election phenomenon in postrevolution Egypt arena.

Beltagy: Freedom and Justice Party Seeks Harmonious, Consensual Alliances

FJP leader Beltagy affirms that the party is on the look-out for election and political coalitions that work harmoniously, starting with negotiations that are free from pre-conditions and limitations.

Hussein Ibrahim: Freedom and Justice Party Ready to Contest Elections; People Reject Violence

Those who shun democratic process are simply asking for the return of repressive corrupt regimes to rule Egypt all over again.

Murad Ali: Freedom and Justice Party Will Not Get Dragged into Others’ Plans and Violence

While certain opposition forces get up to their necks in acts of violence and criminal vandalism, as well as schemes of treason and sabotage, the FJP seeks to help establish