FJP Welcomes Constitutional Court Decision to Amend Elections Law

Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court says certain articles in draft parliamentary elections law require changes before law is finally passed.

Tunisia: Ennahdha Party Consultative Council Statement

The Consultative Council of Ennahdha Party met on 16-17 February 2013 to discuss the situation in the country following the assassination of the late Mr. Chokri Belaid and the proposal

Erian: Egypt Will Not Be Iran or Afghanistan

FJP leader Erian assures Egypt will not become like Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan – with its mainstream tolerant Islam represented in the venerable Azhar mosque and university and its independent

FJP: Katatni Meet with ElBaradei and Badawi Discussed Government, Fair Elections

Accepting an invitation from National Salvation Front leaders Badawi and ElBaradei, Katatni discussed Saturday forming a new government, the latest developments in the Egyptian arena, and guarantees for fairness in

Egypt’s unreasonable opposition

Egypt's opposition leaders hate the Muslim Brotherhood more than they love Egypt, a situation dangerous for all Egyptians