Beltagy: Opposition Spurns Democratic Process, Makes Farcical Demand to Postpone Elections

The same opposition parties that recently demanded early elections in Egypt, now desperately seek to delay legislative elections – not that they would prepare any political program, plan or economic

Arif: Calls to Postpone Elections Replay Previous Attempts to Prolong Transitional Period

Since the fall of autocrat Mubarak in Egypt, certain forces have repeatedly tried to push the country back to the old tyrannical way of governance, absurdly rejecting the elected president,

Hassan Malik: All Parties Must Resolve to Serve Ordinary Citizen Interests

Prominent businessman Malik urges all parties, including Egyptian businessmen, to close ranks and work together in order to achieve stability, security and prosperity for all citizens.

Murad Ali: Opposition Election Boycott Threats Sure Sign of Failure

Freedom and Justice Party believes that, if opposition parties have any chance of winning seats in upcoming House of Representatives, they should not shun forthcoming polls.

Arif: Attack on ‘Ghadd Althawra’ HQ Unacceptable; Perpetrators Must Be Brought to Justice

Muslim Brotherhood condemns attack on Ghadd Althawra Party office in Cairo, and urges investigation of the totally intolerable incident of false-arrest, vandalization, theft and arson.