FJP and Muslim Brotherhood: Certain Media Report Baseless Lies on Citizens’ Arrest Powers

Egyptian media unleash a litany of attacks on the idea of citizen’s arrest, fabricating fables about Islamist militias, whilst forgetting Black Bloc terrorists they recently honored on their TV shows.

Sobhi Saleh: Parliament Will Send New Election Law for Constitutional Court Review Soon

Egypt’s Shura Council affirms new parliamentary poll law will be drawn up and submitted to the country’s Supreme Constitutional Court for approval within days.

Heshmat: Parliamentary Poll Postponement Rekindles Political Reconciliation Hopes

Freedom and Justice Party leaders express hope that opposition will join presidential talks for national harmony and broad consensus.

Shehabeddin: Media Honor Code Embraces International Standards, on Dialogue Table Soon

FJP leader Shehabeddin affirms media code of conduct is being drawn up for discussion and public consultation within ten days.

Freedom and Justice Party Will Not Accept Police Substitute

While Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the FJP, welcomes public support for the country’s police force, it stresses that no-one can replace the force or take on its essential duties.