Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Supports Women, Right of Peaceful Demonstration

FJP Chairman Katatni reiterates party policy to empower women and support peaceful protest and demonstration rights.

Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Be Dragged into Violence Instigated by Certain Political Forces

While irresponsible groups and parties initiate, fuel and perpetuate violence in the Egyptian street, the Muslim Brotherhood commits to peaceful action.

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns All Forms of Violence

Although certain opposition parties and individuals give political cover to acts of arson and vandalism, the Muslim Brotherhood denounces violence even in the face of provocation and abuse.

Muslim Brotherhood Students Favorite to Win Egypt Student Union Presidency

Muslim Brotherhood university students win confidence of a sweeping majority of Egyptian youths across all provinces.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Congratulates Pope Francis on Election As Catholic Church Leader

Brotherhood Chairman Badie sends letter of congratulations to newly-elected Pope Francis who has been chosen leader of Catholic Church.