Khalid Hanafi: Freedom and Justice Party Election Platform Near Completion

On the sidelines of an internal elections committee meeting, FJP Secretary Hanafi reveals some details of the party’s election platform – almost complete and ready for release.

Mahmoud Ezzat: Insults, Violence Will Not Break Muslim Brotherhood Resolve to Serve Egypt

Brotherhood leader Ezzat affirms that the group will not be disheartened by old regime thugs and cronies resorting to extreme and desperate verbal and physical violence against the group and

Muslim Brotherhood Submits Legal Request Demanding Commitment to Peaceful Protests

Egypt Brotherhood lawyer says parties calling for demonstrations outside the group’s headquarters must commit to peaceful protest and bear consequences of any acts of violence.

Mahmoud Hussein: Muslim Brotherhood Respects Journalists; Rejects Violence Whatever Its Source

While Brotherhood leader Hussein denounces all acts of violence, he condemns total media silence over persistent calls to attack and torch the group’s headquarters, of which 30 have been stormed

Mohamed Akef is First Chairman of Registered Brotherhood Society

Founded in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood has long been persecuted by consecutive regimes in Egypt which sought to disband it; and now to gain completely legal status, the group has