Salafi Call Supports Freedom and Justice Party; Demands Investigation into Mosque Sieges

Powerful Islamist group ‘Salafi Call’ urges all parties, Islamist and non-Islamist, to show solidarity with the Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP against protest violence that threatens political life.

Day of Arson, Shooting and Terror

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood had no time to celebrate its 85th anniversary or mother’s day as it fended off waves of determined thugs armed with pistols, bladed weapons, sticks and Molotov

Beltagy: Thugs and Militias Attacking Brotherhood Youth Outside Headquarters No Revolutionaries

There are ways and means to make revolutionary demands, none of which involve pistols, clubs or Molotov cocktail fire-bombs.

Essam El-Erian: Muslim Brotherhood Will Serve Homeland Despite Troubles and Tribulations

As long decades of extreme and determined persecution, torture and execution in Egypt ironically helped the Brotherhood spread worldwide, now desperate acts of mindless violence will not derail its efforts

Mahmoud Ghozlan: Attacks on Muslim Brotherhood Pure Thuggery; We Will Continue to Serve Egypt

Terror attacks targeting Egypt Brotherhood members, headquarters and activities on its 85th anniversary will not stop the group’s endeavors in the service of the homeland and the people.