Muslim Brotherhood Documents Moqattam Attacks Criminality with Pictures and Videos

Criticizing media silence over criminal attacks against the Brotherhood and supporters Friday, the group posts online photographs and video recordings that clearly show the extent of violence.

Brotherhood Lawyer Lodges Legal Complaint Against 169 Persons for Moqattam Attacks

Muslim Brotherhood top lawyer Abdel-Maksoud submits 54 video clips and 155 photographs by way of evidence against dozens of political and other figures who called Friday protests.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Mehrez: Rule of Law is No Revenge, But Facing Up to Violence and

With numerous anti-Brotherhood crimes so far uninvestigated, some haters find it strange that now the Egyptian prosecution service is taking action to investigate offenders involved in Moqattam attacks.

Mahmoud Hussein: Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Media City Siege; Will Not Be Dragged to Violence

Egypt Brotherhood leader Hussein condemns all protests that halt production or disrupt private or public life.

MP Al-Komi: Community Dialogue to Precede Parliament Final Approval of Protest Law

Egypt parliament debates new law to protect right to peaceful protest and demonstration, which will be passed only after nation-wide community consultation and dialogue.