On The New Vision for the Egyptian Foreign Policy After the Revolution

Since its inception, and inspired by the principles of the great Egyptian Revolution of liberty,human dignity, and social justice, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) recognizes the importance of laying

Murad Ali: Freedom and Justice Party is No Advocate of Violence; Will Pursue Rights by

With Egyptian media mostly turning facts upside down, in their deliberately false reports on violent attacks by saboteurs and provocateurs across the country, the FJP seeks to expose culprits.

Prosecutors Hear 274 Muslim Brotherhood Victims in Moqattam Brutal Attacks

Egypt’s Prosecution Service starts hearings and investigations into latest wave of barbaric attacks on citizens and public and private property, in which hundreds of Brotherhood members and supporters were lynched,

Egypt Parliament Approves Political Rights and Elections Laws

Upper house of Egyptian parliament gives initial approval for political rights law and the elections law on which upcoming legislative poll is to be conducted.