Muslim Brotherhood Letter to Al-Shorouk Newspaper

Muslim Brotherhood leader Ghozlan warns private paper after another wave of malicious anti-Brotherhood slander and blatant attempts at sowing sedition among factions of Egyptian society.

Gamal Heshmat: Muslims of Myanmar Victims of Discrimination, Racism and Genocide

As Myanmar Muslims face daily massacres, with their mosques and houses attacked and torched in persistently intensifying campaigns of death and destruction, FJP leader Heshmat urges world community to investigate

Freedom and Justice Party Respects Judicial Rulings; Assures People Power Above All

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party, issues a statement reiterating respect for court decisions, while reminding that the people are the source of power.

Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau Discusses Legal Follow-Up to Moqattam Incidents

Regular Guidance Bureau meeting Wednesday discusses various important issues including the aftermath of the Moqattam massacre and activation of the newly registered Muslim Brotherhood Society.