Beltagy: U.S. Intervention in Egyptian Internal Affairs Unacceptable

After decades of solid support for repressive dictatorships around the world and 30 long years of full backing for the repressive, tyrannical Mubarak regime, the U.S. administration boldly criticizes Egypt’s

Freedom and Justice Party in Central Cairo Celebrates Orphans Day Friday

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, honors orphaned children and their mothers on the Orphans Day on Friday April 5.

Saleh: Elections, Political Rights Laws Close Loopholes; Constitutional Court Decision Binding

Egypt lawmakers assure new House of Representatives and Political Practice Rights close all potential loopholes.

Freedom and Justice Party Delegation Visits Istanbul; Promotes Tourism and Development

Invited for a cultural visit to Turkey, FJP-Luxor is to head to Istanbul with a twinning program meant to boost bi-lateral relations.