Muslim Brotherhood in Friday Rally Calling for Completion of Revolution Goals

With Mubarak-era judiciary effectively putting an end to Egypt’s Revolution and its goals, patriotic stakeholders, groups and movements are left with no alternative but to take to the streets yet

Rights Group: Naguib Sawiris Hunts Down Media Professionals, Violates Freedom of Opinion

Whereas every move by any Islamist to deter media workers who persistently circulate utter lies is strongly condemned by ‘private’ media, no-one is voicing any objections as Sawiris does worse.

Freedom and Justice Party Reviews Judiciary Reform Draft Laws

Increasing numbers of Egyptians voice concerns regarding how justice is being administered, especially where top Mubarak-era officials are the culprits – being acquitted and exonerated.

Freedom and Justice Party Seeks Fair Judicial System

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the FJP, exhorts all Egyptian parties, groups and movements to close ranks and rally to protect the revolution.