Muslim Brotherhood Will Not Organize Judiciary-Related Demonstrations Friday

Despite escalation tactics by affected judges against proposed judiciary law amendments, Egypt’s Brotherhood will not call for repeat marches this Friday.

Egypt Upper House Will Discuss Judicial Authority Law; No Approval Without Judges’ Views

Egypt lawmakers assure judges’ opinions will be taken into consideration as an amended judiciary law is debated and passed.

Global Forum for Islamic Parliamentarians: Hawija Killings in Iraq a Horrific Massacre

The international Islamic organization, the GFIP, urges Iraqi government to do more to fight discrimination and instill a spirit of tolerance in society, in order to avoid abhorrent incidents like

Upper House Asks Supreme Judicial Council for Own Judicial Authority Law Amendments

As FJP’s Erian asserts that Egypt’s Judiciary must be consulted on amendments to law regulating its authority, Shura Council invites top judicial body to provide its own law amendments.

FJP Lawmaker: No Judiciary Law Will Be Passed Without Judges’ Consultation

Egypt’s upper house of parliament pledges not to pass a law regulating the judiciary without first getting the judges’ views.