Qandil: Egyptian-Chinese Agreement Real Beginning for Gulf of Suez Development

Egyptian PM Qandil announces that an Egyptian-Chinese deal signed Saturday is the good start point for serious development of the northwest region of the Suez province.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns Iraqi Government Use of Violence

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly supports the Iraqi people's rights and freedoms, and condemns the repressive approach adopted by the Iraqi government towards peaceful demonstrators, killing and injuring many innocent citizens.

Egypt Minister of Supply Bassem Ouda Profile – Success Story Loathed by Salvation Front

For long months, the so-called National Salvation Front rejected dialogue with the government and the Presidency, setting the most absurd pre-conditions, the latest of which is dismissal of the best

Muslim Brotherhood: Badie Gunshot False ‘Report’ Part of Ongoing Hostile Media Campaign

Anti-Brotherhood hate endeavors continue, with dubious ‘news’ websites reporting falsely that Chairman Badie was shot outside the group’s Guidance Bureau HQ.