Egypt Ministry of Aviation Outlines Significant New Investment Opportunities within Two Months

Back from the Airport City Conference in South Africa, Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation prepares to make a formal announcement of the latest investment opportunities available.

Freedom and Justice Party: Judges Must Purge Judiciary Themselves

Freedom and Justice Party expresses hope that forthcoming Justice Conference would soon submit its own amended Judicial Authority Law to Egypt’s legislature.

FJP Leader Erian Tribute to Egypt Christians

As Egypt’s Copts celebrate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on ‘Hosanna Sunday’ (April 28), and prepare for the Passion Week starting Monday 29, FJP deputy chief Erian wishes all

Ten Brotherhood Student Demands Reverse 30-Year Deteriorating University Conditions

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood students call for improved security, better conditions at university campuses across the country.

President Morsi Meets with Egyptian Judicial Agencies; Calls Justice Conference

Seeking to remove all obstacles to achieving justice, Egyptian President Morsi agrees with top judges to convene a ‘Justice Conference’ at the Presidency.