Egypt Government Agrees to Amend Provisions of Laws to Encourage Investment

The Egyptian Cabinet approves plans for law amendments to protect public and private sector investments and boost investor confidence.

Freedom and Justice Party Receives Mahathir Mohamed in Renaissance Experiences Conference

Former Malaysian PM visits Egypt to participate Sunday in an FJP’s conference on rejuvenation and development, or Nahda, as already experienced in Malaysia.

Erian on Nakba: Palestinian People Will Not Accept Humiliation; Will Inevitably Triumph

FJP leading figure Erian assures Palestine is still and will always be in the heart of every Arab and Muslim, and that Palestinians will certainly win back their rights and

Katatni: Freedom and Justice Party Determined to Increase Cooperation with China

FJP head Katatni and Chinese Ambassador Song Aiguo discuss ways to boost bilateral relations as well as economic and industrial cooperation.

FJP on Nakba Day: No Land Exchange, No Palestine Right of Return Compromise

Nakba Day, Yawm An-Nakba, or Day of the Catastrophe, is 15th of May. It commemorates the forced displacement of Palestinians that preceded and followed the Israeli 1948 Declaration of Independence.