FJP: Salvation Front Lost Credibility by Refusing Dialogue in Abducted Soldiers Crisis

Closing every door of cooperation or dialogue, of positively contributing to solving the homeland’s crises, certain opposition parties wasted yet another opportunity to engage in debate when President Morsi invited

Freedom and Justice Party in Aswan: ‘Rebel’ Phony Opposition by Ousted Regime Holdovers

According to FJP leader Ahmed, Rebel movement is another manifestation of toppled Mubarak cronies and affiliates – another failing desperate attempt to undermine and destroy postrevolution democratic process.

Katatni: FJP Follows Closely Sinai Security Efforts to Free Kidnapped Soldiers

Expressing full confidence in government efforts to secure the release of soldiers abducted in Sinai, the FJP calls for firm deterrent action to prevent similar incidents.