Freedom and Justice Party: Attempts to Delay Legislative Elections Must Stop

FJP leader Ibrahim affirms that lifting the traditional ban on army and police voting removes these vital institutions’ neutrality and thus threatens homeland security.

Upper Chamber Hears Supreme Constitutional Court Observations

Egypt’s Shura Council refuses to involve the army and police in political affairs, vows to take Constitutional Court propositions into consideration.

FJP: Constitutional Court Recommendation for Military Voting Rights Questionable

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, expresses deep concerns and strong reservations about the Constitutional Court’s proposition to lift the traditional ban on military and police voting in legislative

FJP’s Ashri: Election and Political Rights Law Must Be Finalized without Further Delay

FJP leader Ashri highlights the importance of finally passing election and political rights laws in order to safeguard Egypt’s march on the long and laborious path of democratic transformation.