FJP: ‘No to Violence’ Million-Man March to Urge Peaceful Expression of Opinion

As ousted regime holdovers enlist the help of thugs and criminals and gear up to try and topple the first civilian President (or threaten a civil war), elected in Egypt’s

Muslim Brotherhood: Egyptian People Condemn Coup against Elected President

Although it accepts that acting as an opposition is a constitutional right for all citizens, the Muslim Brotherhood denounces use of violence and thuggery under any pretext.

FJP: Popular Current, Former Regime Mob Behind Violence Against Pro-Democracy Conference

A pro-democracy conference organized by the Muslim Brotherhood and the FJP in Kafr El-Sheikh Wednesday is promptly halted as thugs storm the hall and attack guests.

New Threat to Egyptian Democracy

Hidden by headlines from the Middle East on the Syrian crisis and Obama's announcement of greater U.S. involvement, the uprising in Taksim Square and major cities in Turkey, and the

Families of Egyptian Detainees in UAE: Trials Reprehensible after Months of Torture, Humiliation

Referring Egyptian detainees in UAE to trial without allowing defense teams access to their clients and without proper investigations is completely unacceptable to the detainees and their families.