Muslim Brotherhood Committed to Democracy; Calls for Unconditional National Dialogue

Accumulated over decades, Mubarak corruption cannot be terminated by any one party or movement, nor in one year, which makes wide-based consensus a necessity in Egypt today.

FJP: ‘No to Violence’ Million-Man Rally Highlights Differences between Islamists, NSF, Rebel

Though astonishingly small on numbers, so-called National Salvation Front and Rebel movement demonstrations are invariably violent, vengeful and disruptive, leaving behind burning cars, smoldering homes and ransacked businesses.

Christian Professor: ‘Drown Egypt in Blood of Jesus’ Speech Provocative, Inappropriate

A video of a Christian preacher heating up masses at a special Church service Wednesday with ‘Drown Egypt in Blood of Christ! Drown every neighborhood and every street’ cries is

‘No to Violence’ Friday Final Statement

Translation of the statement issued at the end of Friday’s million-man rally in Cairo in support of democracy, legitimacy and peaceful action.