Egypt Upper House Will Not Reduce Culture Budget; Will Fully Support Art, Creativity

Contrary to rampant rumors maliciously claiming that Shura Council has crossed out complete sections from the Ministry of Culture budget for 2013-2014, nothing has actually been removed or replaced.

Muslim Brotherhood: Mubarak Regime Mobs Leading Attempts to Overthrow Elected President

Brotherhood vows to commit to peaceful response to any violence committed by opposition on June 30 anniversary of President Morsi’s first year in office.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Violent Attack on Helmi Mosque in Sharqiya Province

Despite daily vicious attacks on Muslim Brotherhood meetings, rallies, homes, shops and HQs, the group reiterates its commitment to a peaceful discourse that builds and constructs.

FJP: Egyptian Opposition Flouts Principles of Democracy; Mobilizes for Violence

FJP leading member, Ismail, condemns the opposition’s evident determination to stir trouble, threaten stability and cause panic, destruction and mayhem.