Al-Shater Family: Police and Thugs Attack Home, Terrorize Women and Children

In one of the most paradoxical and scandalous incidents of gross police misbehavior in Egypt, officers accompanied a mob of thugs and sprayed the MB’s second in command Khairat Al-Shater’s

Muslim Brotherhood Headquarters Ransacked, Looted and Torched Amid Security Lapse

Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Aref demands everyone should shoulder their responsibility with regard to violent, vengeful attacks against the Brotherhood’s offices across Egypt.

FJP Leading Member Gazzar: Desperate Attempt Underway to Undermine Democracy

Dr. Gazzar expresses fear for democracy in Egypt, if the President elected in Egypt’s first ever credible poll is forced out of office before his term is completed.

FJP Leader Beltagy: Political Elite Remain Silent on Violence Against Muslim Brotherhood

Senior Muslim Brotherhood member and FJP leader Beltagy condemns tacit opposition support for arson, thuggery, murder and vandalism terrorizing citizens across Egypt over the past few days.

Muslim Brotherhood News Conference at Rabaa Al-Adaweya Mosque 7:30PM Monday

Brotherhood Chairman Badie reaffirms there is a determined and increasingly desperate attempt to overthrow democracy and re-produce the corrupt Mubarak regime in postrevolution Egypt.