Freedom and Justice Party: Closure of TV Channels Beginning of Repressive Single View Era

Immediately after announcing the ouster of elected President Morsi, authorities pulled the plug on all TV channels that voiced any opposition to the military’s maneuvers.

Ministry of Health Announces 20 Dead, 380 Wounded in Massacre of Pro-Morsi Demonstrators

A massacre of pro-democracy, pro-Morsi demonstrators, described as the second ‘Battle of the Camel’, armed thugs attacked a march with machine guns, as police forces fired teargas canisters at the

Martyrs and Wounded Fall as Thugs Ambush Pro-Morsi Mass Rallies in Egypt Provinces

Hundreds of citizens, peacefully protesting old regime and opposition violence across Egypt, are repeatedly attacked, injured and killed by hired thugs.

Muslim Brotherhood: We Are No Advocates of Violence; We Protected January Revolution

Egypt’s Brotherhood spokesman Aref assures that the group will never accept violence as a means of political persuasion.

Police, Thugs Ambush and Kill Pro-Morsi Demonstrators Outside Cairo University

Aided by police firing teargas at peaceful Morsi supporters in a Cairo sit-in, armed Tamarod (Rebel) thugs are using automatic weapons and live bullets to kill and injure hundreds of

Muslim Brotherhood Disassociates Itself from Any Acts of Violence Against Anti-Morsi Protests

Muslim Brotherhood reveals information that violent attacks plotted against demonstrators in Tahrir Square and Itehadia Presidential Palace are to be blamed on the Brotherhood, and that it will certainly be

Legal Expert: Appeals Court Rules Out Return of Old Public Prosecutor

Appeal court judgment confirms sacking of both old and new Public Prosecutors, leaving post open for a new judge yet to be chosen as per Constitution.