Minister of Culture: Intellectuals Must Denounce Dawn Massacre of Morsi Supporters

Killing innocent women and children in cold blood will certainly remain a curse on the perpetrators of this absolute massacre.

Egyptians will resist by all peaceful means until our democracy is restored

Massacres, censorship, mass arrests, the toppling of Mohamed Morsi, a leader dedicated to dialogue: this is the true face of a military coup

Statement from Peaceful Protestors Survivors of Brutal Military Coup Massacre

Survivors of the dawn massacre by coup regime police and army tell the true story of events as they saw them personally.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Pre-Meditated Massacre by Army and Police Against Protesters

A deliberate and savage slaughter of peaceful protesters by the police and the armed forces Monday kills and injures over a thousand people.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Republican Guard HQ Massacre of Peaceful Protesters

FJP strongly condemns the massacre of unarmed demonstrators outside the presidential guard compound in Cairo where the illegitimate coup regime’s police and army killed and injured hundreds.

Muslim Brotherhood, FJP: Premeditated Massive Extermination of Peaceful Protesters

Wholesale senseless slaughter by police and army forces of unarmed protesters praying outside the republican guard HQ kill and wound over a thousand pro-Morsi demonstrators at dawn Monday.

Tunisia: Ennahdha Statement on early-morning putschist massacres against protesters in Egypt

Ennahdha Statement on massacres committed by putschists against protesters in Egypt this morning

Brutal Massacre Outside Republican Guard HQ Kills and Wounds 1100 Peaceful Protesters

An unprecedented merciless cold-blooded massacre by Egyptian police and army against protesters praying at dawn outside the presidential guard compound murders women and children, including suckling infants.

Egypt Student Union: Morsi Still President; We Reject Military Coup

ESU Vice-President Baqri affirms that their Executive Office strongly condemns the military coup against popular will, and stands in full solidarity with democracy and electoral legitimacy.

Dozens of Pro-Morsi Protesters Killed by Military Coup Live Bullets

With thousands already killed and injured by military coup authorities and security apparatus, the greatest majority of whom are pro-Morsi peaceful protesters, the illegitimate regime has no claim to restraint