Ashri: 103 Killed in Republican Guard Massacre, Including 8 Women and 4 Children

The death toll from the dawn bloodbath outside Egypt’s presidential guard headquarters on July 8 rises to 103 dead, with more than two thousand injured.

Egypt Provinces Mass in Cairo in ‘ProDemocracy, AntiCoup’ Friday Peaceful Protests

Supporters of President Morsi and constitutional legitimacy plan a million-man march and rally in Cairo tomorrow (Friday July 12).

Calls for ElBaradei Nobel award to be revoked

The Arabic Organisation for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR) has called for the board of the Nobel Peace Prize to revoke the award given to Mohamed ElBaradei in 2005.

The current conflict is between democracy, governance, and the military coup; not the Brotherhood and

The matter at hand during this difficult time, which began with the events on June 30 2013 and culminated in a military coup on July 3 2013, is not the

Neo-Fascism Challenges Pro-Morsi Pro-Democracy Egyptians

Columnist Fahmi Howeidi describes exclusionary measures and atrocities by security services and certain politicians against the Muslim Brotherhood and supporters of President Mohamed Morsi and democratic and constitutional legitimacy as