Erian: No-One Should Deceive Themselves that There is No Military Coup in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood’s FJP deputy chief is baffled by the blindfold some seem to be intent on using in a show of an almost total lack of principles.

National Conscience Front: Democracy and Human Rights in Egypt at Grave Risk

With the security apparatus’ rapidly escalating witch-hunt of Islamists, shuttering of TV stations and newspapers, and even cold-blooded mass murders sponsored by the putschists and the military regime, an expeditious

Muslim Brotherhood, FJP Condemn Attack on Commander of Egypt Second Army

Assuring that peaceful protests will triumph over the illegitimate military coup, the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, denounce an alleged attack on one of Egypt’s top army

Observers to Protect the Revolution: Police Tortures Peaceful Protest Detainees

The Egyptian OPR coalition brings to light dozens of cases of torture at the hands of security forces in at least one police station in Cairo, in the aftermath of

Al-Azhar Brotherhood Students: Three Students Arrested on Campus

Dragging Egypt very rapidly into a new era of repression and persecution of epic proportion, coup-emboldened security agencies invade universities and arrest Brotherhood students.