Rights Group ‘Journalists For Reform’: Coup Opponents Barred from Newspapers

Dozens of journalists are not allowed to write or get published in many newspapers, as the new ‘democracy’ in Egypt digs in, gagging mouths and suppressing dissent.

Student Unions Conference: Will Talk to World Universities to Expose Military Coup Crimes

Egypt’s student unions hold pro-democracy, anti-coup conference and vow to use all prudent endeavors to expose the repression and crimes of coup masters and collaborators against students.

National Alliance in Support of Legitimacy Statement Condemns Coup; Calls Peaceful Protests

With military coup commanders, cronies and collaborators ignoring huge demonstrations by millions of Morsi and legitimacy supporters, NASEL urges for more mass marches and rallies.

Statement by Pro-Democracy Pro-Morsi Protestors in Response to Al-Sisi Speech

Peaceful sit-in protests issue their own statement to condemn commander Al-Sisi’s actions, from the illegitimate coup to the massacre of worshipers and the witch hunt to stifle opposition and dissent.

Erian Denies Guardian Report; Affirms FJP and Brotherhood Never Met Military Putschists

FJP deputy leader Erian rejects as false a Guardian newspaper report that claimed the Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm had secret meetings with military usurpers of power.

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Sinai Bombings

Despite the repression and persecution, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, reaffirms its commitment to peaceful protest, denouncing all violence – including the latest Sinai incidents.

National Alliance in Support of Legitimacy Invites Egyptian People to Million-Man Rally Monday

Vowing to continue their huge sit-ins, already in their 17th day, across Egypt, pro-democracy, pro-Morsi protesters urge all citizens to join massive march on Monday.