Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Heinous Massacre of Women in Mansoura

A statement issued by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood condemns the latest bloody massacre where hundreds of women were killed and injured by security forces, some of whom dressed as thugs.

Brief Biography of Mansoura Women Demonstration Martyrs on Friday July 19

In a metaphor of mindless vengeance and hatred, Egypt’s latest putschists let the army and police thugs ambush a women’s rally in Mansoura, killing and injuring hundreds.

FJP Secretary-General Ibrahim: Killing Mansoura Rally Women Evidence of Coup Madness

In a new sign that anti-coup mass marches are rattling the putschists, the army and police use paid thugs and mercenaries to attack a women’s rally in Mansoura, killing and

Hundreds of Women Killed and Injured in Mansoura Pro-Democracy ‘Break the Coup’ Mass Rally

A most heinous bloodbath yet again perpetrated by old-regime hired thugs in which hundreds of women peacefully marching in Mansoura streets are attacked, killed and injured.

Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance Condemns Minister of Interior Statement

The broad alliance of parties, groups and movements facing up against Egypt’s bloody military coup rejects the so-called transitional government’s statement Friday evening.