Muslim Brotherhood Statement Regarding General Al-Sisi Speech Wednesday, July 24

Sisi speech reveals bloody, violent intentions of the coup commanders and collaborators, who seek a flimsy ‘popular’ cover for a murderous crackdown on Islamists in Egypt – the military-run police

List of Starting Locations for Friday’s Rallies in Cairo and Giza

(Cairo-July 24, 2013)- Below is a map of planned million-man marches titled "bringing down the coup" to be held on Friday, July 26, after Jumaa Prayer (12:15pm) in Cairo and

Erian to Sisi: Your Threat Will Not Stop Pro-Democracy Millions Massing to Reject Coup

In his latest speech, coup commander General Al-Sisi seeks a ‘popular’ excuse for an ever more bloody and violent crackdown on Egypt’s Islamists.

Statement: Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns Mansoura Criminal Bombing

Cairo- July 24, 2013 The Anti-Coup Pro-Democracy Alliance strenuously condemns the criminal bombing that hit Mansoura city tonight resulting in a number of injuries.

FJP Condemns Mansoura Explosions; Denounces Violence; Will Continue Peaceful Protest

Freedom and Justice Party deputy leader Erian reaffirms that the party strongly rejects all forms of violence, vowing to continue its commitment to peacefulness in all activities.