Pro-Legitimacy, Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on Imprisonment of President Morsi

In yet another traitorous putschist manoeuvre meant to more surely ignite a civil war in Egypt, the heinous coup masterminds have brought false charges of ‘espionage’ against President Morsi, announcing

Muslim Brotherhood: Jailing President Exposes Coup Leaders’ Complete Bankruptcy

Having forcibly removed the first elected, first civilian President in Egypt’s long history from office, the military putschists detained Dr. Morsi for nearly a month completely cut off from the

Egypt has been warned of the violence to come – by General Sisi himself

The general's recent speech can only be read as a precursor to a bloody campaign of repression against the Egyptian people

FJP’s Erian: Imprisoning Egypt President Unmasks Putschists’ Fascist Regime

Deputy head of the FJP, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, condemns illegitimate decision by the military coup commanders to jail their elected President without due process.

Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns Arbitrary Detention of Female Protesters and Children in Damietta

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Democracy Alliance condemns the arrest and arbitrary detention of a family by the army, while travelling from Damietta to Cairo to join the anti-coup protests on Tuesday 23

Muslim Brotherhood Denies Any Negotiations with Army

Muslim Brotherhood rejects as utter lies media ‘reports’ claiming it is negotiating with military commanders ending demonstrations and sit-ins before the so-called army ultimatum.