Anti-Coup Alliance Response to Military-Installed Putschist Presidency Statement

Following the announcement by the military-appointed president of the failure of negotiations, the pro-democracy, pro-legitimacy coalition holds the putschists responsible for any massacres that their forces may execute against peaceful

Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on Eid Al-Fitr and Steadfastness Until Victory

The pro-legitimacy, pro-democracy coalition in Egypt vows to stand steadfast with the masses of Egyptian people, until they defeat the coup and reinstate the President they elected, the Constitution they

Statement by the Families of Kidnapped Presidential Team

The families of the legitimate presidential team offer all Egyptians in constant vigils across Egypt, and all Arabs and Muslims all over the world, their best wishes for a great

Statement from the ‘Media Professors Against the Coup Front’

Media Professors Against the Coup Front, which includes a number of the finest and most renowned media professors in all Egyptian universities, calls on all Egyptians to boycott hostile, biased