Anti-Coup Alliance Statement on ‘Friday of Anger’ Violent Attacks on Peaceful Protesters

Egypt’s pro-legitimacy coalition of groups and movements defending democracy condemn the latest wave of state-led violence and urges people to persist in week-long peaceful protests.

Video: Coptic Priest Says Police Did Not Protect Churches from Violence Despite Plea

In Minya governorate, Egypt, the Coptic bishop of a church torched by thugs Thursday says security forces withdrew, refusing to do their duty to protect the church just before the

FJP Reiterates Denunciation of Attacks on Copts, Churches and Property

Once again, Dr. Murad Ali, FJP spokesperson, condemns attacks against Copts, churches and property, and warns that putschists are desperately trying to ignite sectarian strife.

Statement: Friday of Rage

(Cairo, Friday, August 16)- Despite our deep pain and sorrow following the August 14 Rabaa massacre and others committed since the bloody coup, the crimes of the coup regime have

Egypt’s Blood, America’s Complicity

FOR millions of Egyptians still reeling from the shock of Wednesday’s state-led massacre, which killed at least 600 peaceful protesters and possibly many more, the questions are now very basic:

Escape from Hell – A Rabaa Medic’s Testimony of Bloody Massacre

The harrowing account of a Rabaa Al-Adaweya doctor, an eyewitness to the mass killing, destruction and mayhem caused by so-called security forces as they stormed the hospital and burnt it

Rabaa Massacre Eyewitness Account-Tamer’s Story

An eyewitness to the putschists' latest massacre tells the story of his good friend who died at the hands of security forces.

There is Still Time to Side With Those Committed to Democracy in Egypt | Maha

The irony for some is that the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters remain the upholders of the ballot box's legitimacy

Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement on Obama Speech Cancelling Egypt Bright Star Drills

Brotherhood spokesman Aref affirms the US was involved in July 3 coup and is now trying a different role in Egypt.