‘Coup Crime Watch’ Demands Justice For Detainees in Putsch Prisons

Egypt’s Coup Crime Watch group holds putschist authorities responsible for all mistreatment and inhumane conditions political detainees suffer in their prisons.

Badie Family: Brotherhood Chairman in High Morale Despite Solitary Confinement

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie’s family visited him in prison today, assures his health is good despite earlier scare, and says he is hopeful of triumph over repression, soon.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: No Rest Or Sleep Until Revolution Reclaimed

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood statement, issued in the early hours of Sunday, says Egyptians will not rest or sleep, after August 30, the "People Reclaim the Revolution" Friday, until they defeat

Beltagy Beaten in Prison; Affirms Triumph Over Injustice and Oppression

From the depths of the putschists’ dark dungeons, Muslim Brotherhood and FJP leading figure Beltagy assures victory over repression and tyranny is on the horizon.

FJP’s Sobhi Saleh Arrested, Detained Badie Emergency Visit Approved

In a vindictive attempt to shut Islamists out of political life altogether, the fascist putschists escalate their witch-hunt of all coup opponents.