Brotherhood Spokesman Aref’s Wife: No Compromise on Respect for Popular Will

Iman Safan affirms that respecting the will of the people and constitutional and democratic legitimacy is the only way forward, the only way to regain and safeguard freedom.

National Alliance in Port Said Condemns Tragic Death of Egyptian Family in Suez Canal

The Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Port Said condemns coup security authorities’ negligence and failure to save a family of a father and two children who perished after their car

Punished for winning – Egyptian Kung Fu champion humiliated for displaying Rabaa symbol

IACPDA is shocked and saddened to hear the Egyptian Kung Fu Association's decision to deport its champion fighter and strip him of his Egyptian nationality, gold medal & prize money.

Brotherhood Students Reiterate Commitment to Nonviolence in the Face of Coup Repression

Muslim Brotherhood students in Egypt vow to continue their adherence to peacefulness in all protest activities across the nation, despite the brutal maximum-force strategy adopted by coup forces to quell