Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Erian Arrest in Coup Security Dawn Raid

Egypt’s FJP slams the dawn arrest of deputy leader Essam El-Erian in Cairo Wednesday as further proof the military junta is determined to mop up all opposition from the political

Putschists Arrest Brotherhood Leader Erian – Most Prominent Opponent of Mubarak, Military

Pressing on with their vindictive campaign of repression to quell all opposition, Egypt’s military putschists send ‘visitors of dawn’ to arrest and detain the FJP’s Vice Chairman Erian.

Muslim Brotherhood Weekly Message:Reasons for Coup in Egypt

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt says seven main reasons were behind the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, asserting that the junta went far beyond the demands of June 30 demonstrations,

Badie and Al-Shater Lawyers: Muslim Brotherhood Trials Evidently Political

A twist in the politicized trial of Brotherhood leaders in Egypt, on trumped up charges of incitement to violence, sees presiding judges withdraw after feeling ' embarrassment ' over the