Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition: 2012 Constitution for All Egyptians

Anti-Coup Alliance calls a new week of non-violent revolutionary activities, reminding that the 2012 Constitution (currently suspended by the putschists) is the legitimate national charter ratified by all Egyptians for

Osama Morsi: President Steadfast; New Trumped Up Charges Farcical

Escalating their injustice and persecution, the putschists holding Egypt hostage are trying the country’s legitimate President on ludicrous false charges of inciting violence and murder.

PRESS RELEASE: the Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Fabricated Charges against President Morsi

The illegal Military Regime in Egypt which deposed the democratically elected President Morsi in July 2013 has become more brazen in its attempts to silence the legal opposition permanently.

Freedom and Justice Party Calls Boycott Referendum on Illegitimate Constitution

Egypt’ FJP urges all Egyptians not to participate in a sham referendum to approve a worthless document as a national charter aimed to entrench military state.