President Morsi Reiterates Rejection of Coup, Junta

Although the murderous military junta still holds President Morsi hostage, incommunicado, at a secret location, trying him on false and farcical charges, he remains steadfast against the coup and the

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls Week of Peaceful Protests Against Corruption, Cronyism

Egypt's nationwide anti-coup coalition launches a new revolutionary week entitled "Egypt is no-one's private fiefdom", stepping up non-violent anti-coup anti-corruption activities.

FJP Leader Erian Tribute to Egypt Christians Republished

As Egypt’s Copts celebrate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on ‘Hosanna Sunday’ (April 28), and prepare for the Passion Week starting April 29, FJP deputy chief Erian wishes all

Pro-Democracy Alliance Sunday Protests Away from Copts Gatherings

Egypt's pro-legitimacy coalition will hold demonstrations Sunday at locations away from Coptic 'Holy Week' celebrations, in order to avoid coup militia violence.