Freedom and Justice Party Illegitimate Disbanding Deferred by Administrative Court

The military junta in Egypt is endeavoring to ban the FJP, the country's evidently most popular political party.

National Alliance Hails ‘Resistance Friday’ Solidarity; Condemns Continued Zionist Aggression

Egypt pro-democracy coalition demands immediate halt of Israeli rampage and massacres in blockaded Gaza.

Pro-Democracy Alliance’s Hamza Zawbaa Slams Anti-Gaza Arab Rulers

As certain Arab regimes do little to hide their whole-hearted support for Israeli aggression against Gaza, fair-minded free-thinking leaders condemn the cold-blooded aiding and abetting of atrocious massacres.

National Alliance Leader Gamal Abdel-Sattar: Al-Sisi Military Junta is Egypt ISIS

A leading member of the nationwide anti-coup coalition refutes the putschists' latest allegations against the Muslim Brotherhood.