Muslim Brotherhood Hails Resistance Triumph; Urges Gaza Solidarity, Support

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood salutes Gaza resistance which successfully repelled the Zionist aggression that killed hundreds of women and children in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Aisha Al-Shater: Lopsided Junta Justice Pampers Mubarak; Ignores Akef and Sultan Ill-Health

Al-Shater's daughter slams the military-controlled justice system which overindulges evidently corrupt tyrants like ousted Mubarak, while it turns a blind eye to the suffering of detained opponents.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Vows to Continue Commitment to Peaceful Protest, Defiance to Topple Junta

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has reiterated its pledge to remain committed to non-violent struggle against the illegitimate repressive regime, ruling out any allegiance with any violent groups or forces.