Syria Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Ahrar al Sham Movement Leaders

Senior leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Riad Abu-Shaqqa expresses condolences for the loss of a fine group of Ahrar al Sham Movement leaders who fought against the repressive regime.

Sanaa Beltagy: Steadfast Against Coup Despite Unjust Jail and Death Sentences

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Beltagy's wife affirms that families of detainees and martyrs, victims of the military junta, will continue the struggle against the coup.

Aisha Al-Shater: Allegations of 5-Star Detainee Treatment Utter Lies

The daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leader Al-Shater rejects claims of peace and tranquility at junta jails, made by a senior prison official, as baseless propaganda.

Egypt Jails Mean Slow Death for Political Detainees

Islamists, leftists and all opposition face unjustified inhuman neglect and squalor that kill dozens every year across Egypt.